Scythe – A Liz Review



Name: Scythe

Players: 2-5 (expansions in future for more players)

Game Length: 2 hours+

Released by Stonemaier Games and designed by Jamey Stegmaier and Alan Stone.

Scythe has certainly quite a hyped game for 2016!  Set in a alternative history of 1920s Europe Dieselpunk setting, it is a competitive game for those who want to go to war with each other!

The idea is simple enough.  Each player controls a country, who are trying to be the top dogs in this Mecha history, and to keep expanding, you need workers, resources and armies. There are objectives to complete and for each of those you will get to place a star on the board. Once the first person reaches 6 stars, the game is over and using the scoring system you tally up and the winner is determined.

I won’t go too deep into the rules, as there are plenty of excellent videos that can show you in more detail! This is a slightly difficult game to describe in words, and much better just playing, or watching a video to understand.

Lets take a minute to talk about how the game looks.

I was lucky enough to get to play the kickstarter collector’s edition and it looked fantastic. The weight of the steel resources, the metal coins and how they clinked all were absolutely fabulous. There are a *lot* of bits to this game! I honestly recommend if purchasing this game it is worth paying that little bit more to get the extras if you can at all.

The beautiful art by Jakub Rozalski really adds to this game and results in beautiful player boards and a marvellous looking game board. It really looks like no corners were cut to make this game look absolutely beautiful. There is nothing more fantastic than having your mechs and your character out and if you have the skill or the money to spare after buying it, getting those miniatures painted is something definitely worth considering!


So how does it play?  The answer is fantastically.

The real worry anybody has about hyped games is that it will fall far short of what was promised.  That’s not the case with Scythe as it delivers on that promise.

There is a deep level of tactics, with the fun of conquering keeping it competitive but following a euro style for point scoring as well.  You get the joy of having an army and mechs thumping around the board, with random events that give you bonuses too. Each of the nations have a real flavour and feel from mechanics all the way down to the models itself.

Of course, the version I saw was the version with all the collector edition pieces, but even the wooden components that come with the game look great. Not as good as the realistic ones, but still great! No corners have been cut to make this game as enjoyable as possible. This deserves game of the year in my humble opinion and I am exceptionally excited to pick up my own copy when it goes on general release.

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