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Dave had the chance to catch up with Kevin from Inspiring Games, talk about his history with the hobby and about some of the games that he’s working on as part of Inspiring Games.  Including the fantastic looking and sounding Legends Untold which is about to hit Kickstarter.

At the time of recording this Legends Untold was planned to hit Kickstarter on the 15th. The launch has been delayed slightly but rather than wait we wanted to get the interview out and show our support for Kevin and the rest of the Inspiring Games crew.

Kevin talked about his gaming influences and personal tastes.  Games referenced include – Dungeons & Dragons RPG / Shadowrun RPG / Cyberpunk RPGSpace Hulk / Blood Bowl (not this new edition)Warhammer Fantasy Battle (not Age Of Sigmar) / Napoleonics (without Zombies though) / Bang!Star Wars RPG / Call of Cthulhu RPG

Kevin then goes on to talk about Inspiring Games and Legends Untold itself

Legends Untold is described as an Exploration Adventure Game.  1 to 4 players or up to 8 players if you use 2 copies of the Starter Set. The game is story rich and uses 3d6 for conflict resolution with the rest of the mechanics largely card based including your “character sheet”.


The game draws RPGs as source with the challenge of setting out to achieve the feel of a RPG through the means of a card game.

Each location within the default setting has it’s own challenges and players can either play through the set story or create their own.


After talking us through Legends Untold, Kevin then discusses other games coming from Inspiring Games starting with some other games set in the same world as Legends Untold as part of the Origin range.

Lord Of The Horde : Originally a board game, now a card game.  Competitive game for 2-4 players where each player controls an Orc tribe and each are challenging to be leader of the horde.

An as yet un-named game about the Gnimshka (Gnome Uber-Warriors : Macedonian Phallanx on war badgers!!!). Concept rough at the bottom of this page.  Anything that involves war badgers gets my vote!

Aside from the Origin range, Inspiring Games also have some other titles brewing.

Victorian Gothic Intrigue – Edinburgh Brewing Society solving cases vs Cornish Smugglers. Essentially a competitive crime solving game set in a gothic / paranormal London.

Beastie – Pratchett-esque game where the players are attendees of a Goblin Wizard University. Unfortunately the professor’s pet jaberwocky has vanished so the players need to create him a new pet!  Best pet wins.

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