Episode 7: Gaming Resolutions!

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In this Episode we talk about our plans for 2017 and our gaming resolutions! How Liz plans to play more games, and how Dave wants to attend more conventions! Perhaps Liz will start editing the podcasts much earlier and stop procrastinating until the last minute? We can all hope for miracles!


What are your gaming resolutions for the near coming? Any interesting plans for the New Year to get more games to the table? Or perhaps try some new ones?


Whatever your plans are for the next year, or indeed tonight, we hope you have an excellent New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year from the Podcast’s most mentioned person! (I have a spreadsheet that proves my name checks have been the most numerous).

    Also #GenCon2018 IS a legally binding commitment, I don’t know why Dave keep bringing it up like it isn’t.

    My 2017 resolution is to do less tabletop wargaming and play more board games, I would also like to seriously make a start on doing some RPGs. Anyone at End the Turn know of any local RPG groups with space for a newbie?

  2. “I have a spreadsheet” I see I have taught you well!
    Oh and the #GenCon2018 references are entirely for your benefit. Well mostly.
    RPG wise I’m sure we can sort that out between us unless there’s someone else in the Fife-area that’d be up for running something and has a Greg sized space? Alternative is doing something with the DWARF Saturday events? – https://www.facebook.com/groups/DWARF.GAMING/
    More board games = More regular attendance at Anstruther’s best games club – http://www.eastneuktabletop.org

  3. First time listener, thanks to dave for reaching out to me on Twitter πŸ™‚
    I have all the same resolutions but I plan to launch a kickstarter on top! My game is somewhere between wargame and boardgame πŸ™‚

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