UK Games Expo 2017 : Books and Boardgames Seminar

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Unfortunately our recording hiatus continues due to real life getting in the way.  To fill that void here’s a recording from this year’s UK Games Expo where I had the pleasure of sitting in on a seminar about using Boardgames in libraries.

The seminar was hosted by Darren Edwards and he was joined by Chris Standley from Imagination Gaming and Dr. Michael James Heron from Meeples Like Us.

Covering a multitude of topics the seminar is full of ideas on how to promote boardgames in general but specifically within a public library environment.

Alongside that Darren talks about International Games Week @ Your Library.  Whilst an American led initiative there are a number of locations in the UK that are participating this year too with Darren leading that charge to promote it across the UK.

Let me know what you think of the seminar and apologies for the poor sound quality in places!

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