Timeline: General Interest – A Dave Review

So what is Timeline: General Interest then?

Well it’s a guessing game where you have to work out when things happened in history.

Ok… so it’s kinda like Trivial Pursuit?

Not quite, every card has a year on it and you have to work out whether the event on the card you have happened before, after or in the same year as the cards already on the table.

Right, so you need to be good at history to play this then?

Nope. It’s as much an educational game as it is a quiz as it is a guessing game.

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Scythe – A Liz Review



Name: Scythe

Players: 2-5 (expansions in future for more players)

Game Length: 2 hours+

Released by Stonemaier Games and designed by Jamey Stegmaier and Alan Stone.

Scythe has certainly quite a hyped game for 2016!  Set in a alternative history of 1920s Europe Dieselpunk setting, it is a competitive game for those who want to go to war with each other!

The idea is simple enough.  Each player controls a country, who are trying to be the top dogs in this Mecha history, and to keep expanding, you need workers, resources and armies. There are objectives to complete and for each of those you will get to place a star on the board. Once the first person reaches 6 stars, the game is over and using the scoring system you tally up and the winner is determined.

I won’t go too deep into the rules, as there are plenty of excellent videos that can show you in more detail! This is a slightly difficult game to describe in words, and much better just playing, or watching a video to understand.

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Sentinels Of The Multiverse – A Dave Review

So what’s Sentinels Of The Multiverse then?

Well it’s a co-operative superhero card game where the players work together to defeat the bad guy in a location or environment.

Card game? So it is a deck building game or something?

Well no, it has pre-constructed decks that each superhero / villain and environment uses.

Ah so it’s more like Pandemic then?

Well not really no.  Unless being co-operative and having cards makes it “like Pandemic” that is.

Ok… Sounds like it could get complicated.

It’s really not that complicated, sometimes there’s a lot of stuff to track but in the main it’s pretty straightforward really.

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Trambahn – A Liz Review



Name: Trambahn

Players: 2

Game length: 30mins+

Short Description: based in late 19th century Munich, you are in charge of one of two rival companies trying to control the tramlines and become the best tramline operator! You start with horse drawn carriages, and move all the way up to electric carriages.

Overview: Trambahn is a fantastic two player game for those who want something quick and fun to play with a friend. The idea is relatively simple; there is four different coloured card sets within the box, marked with different numbers(running from 1-10) on one side (referred to as stations), while on the back side is Marks, the money of the game. There is also four terminal cards, which is where the passengers gather to take your tram route. Finally, there are train cards, which start with horse drawn carriages, all the way up to electric trains. The more advanced the card is, the more points it will score you, but the more it costs to get your hands on it!

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Onitama – A Dave Review

So, what’s Onitama then?

Well it’s kinda like chess but instead of Knights, Castles, Bishops and stuff you’ve got Monks.  Oh and the pieces don’t have special moves. It’s all done by having cards.

Ok… So how do the cards work?

So there are only 5 cards in a game and each card has a special move on it, once you play the card you give it away and collect another card which nobody has.  So you have to y’know think.

Ok… Sounds like it could get complicated.

That’s pretty much how Onitama was explained to me, it’s not really an explanation that does the game justice though.

Is it like chess?  Well if having a grid (5×5) as the board and having pieces that move round the board make it like chess then yes. But it’s not really like chess other than it being very tactical.  Let’s rewind a little.

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End The Turn – Episode 1 – Bad Players?!

We are a go, a go for launch!

So here we are, Episode 1 of End The Turn with Liz and Dave.

In this first episode we introduce you to what we’re all about, talk about some games we’re playing and then focus on this first topic.

Bad Players – What are they? Why do they exist? Are they really all that bad? How do you manage those players?

Games referenced in the show –

Other things referenced in the show –

Let us know what you thought of the show and remember to get in touch!

End The Turn?

End The Turn?  Yeah that’s what we thought too but then we kept coming back to it.  The name isn’t the thing, the content is.

So we’re Liz and Dave and we have a podcast and a blog and who knows maybe we also have some other things up our sleeve.

You may remember us from such celebrated media as Nearly Enough Dice (that’d be Liz) and A2ndChapter (that’d be Dave).  We’ve decided to join our considerable forces and share our thoughts on a variety of topics with you lucky lucky people!  Don’t you feel lucky? Really?